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Board of Directors

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Amy Higgins


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I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as FOIP president. Of the 28 years I have lived in Atlanta, 21 of those years have been spent in Inman Park. I'm a registered architect by profession and have managed two Park Pride grants for Springvale Park - the first for the playground renewal in 2013 and the second two years later for the bocce court and pathway expansion.


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Neel Gupta

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I've lived in Inman Park since 2008 and can't imagine living anywhere else in Atlanta. I've had the privilege of serving on the Inman Park Neighborhood Association board as VP Planning, and have had the pleasure of giving back to my community by volunteering during Inman Park Festival, the Inman Park Wine Stroll, and various other neighborhood activities. I'm a recovering attorney and like to spend my spare time traveling with my family, playing golf, and eating.


Sandy Hoke

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I'm glad to be able to serve on the board of FOIP.  I've lived in Inman Park since 1985, and I have served three years as President of the Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA) board, three years as VP of Planning, two years as VP of Zoning, two years as VP of Historic Preservation, and one year as Secretary.  In addition, I serve and have served on several committees, and I have the distinction of having been the one and only ATM czar of the Inman Park Festival!  I am a Life Insurance agent and have two children who now live west of the Mississippi.

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Cam McCaa

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I landed in Inman Park with my wife, Stephanie, just after the Olympics in 1997. At 25 years in residence, we're tweeners, sandwiched between the original saviours who squashed the road through CAUTION and the new neighbors we welcome to Inman Park today. Friends of Inman Park plays a vital role in providing a financial platform for directing the efforts of the neighborhood and neighbors. I've been honored to participate in the board as it has been re-formed and passed down from the small group of neighbors who have maintained FOIP for many critical years.

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