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Springvale Park Pond Restoration

Our community is fortunate to have a pond as a centerpiece of Springvale Park. Through our partnerships with Park Pride and Pond and Company, we have created a Master Plan for the park that includes restoring the pond its former glory. We aim to remove the rotting wood seawall, dredge the silt and debris from the water, and introduce wetland plantings to create a thriving habitat while improving water quality. Over the past 3 years, we've worked with Pond and Company to design a solution and produce construction documents detailing the proposed restoration. Now that the drawings are done, it's time to start construction!

We will be interviewing contractors during the first half of 2024 and hope to start construction in the fall.

Our Vision

Artist renderings of the pond.

Artist rendering looking west from Park Lane and Waverly Way intersection

Looking west near the Park Lane and Waverly Way intersection

Collapsing wooden pond edging (seawall) is removed. The pond edge is sloped to create a gradual transition between water and land. Wetland plantings fill the water's edge filtering stormwater runoff as it enters the pond thus slowing the rate of sedimentation. As a added bonus, the plants give a burst of color to the park and provide habitat for wildlife. To the right side of the rendering is the fallen Live Oak tree. Stone seawall is added around the edge of the tree to allow extra lawn space for park visitors to enjoy.

Springvale pond VIEW 2.jpg

The lower image is looking north near the footbridge

All of the seawall is removed from the western edge of the pond allowing the natural springs in this area of the park to periodically flow without damaging the pond edging. The formerly water-logged lawn area is replaced with wetland planting. To the right of this image, where the stream enters the pond, a stone weir will be placed to capture sediment and allow it to be removed before it enters the deeper portion of the pond thus fulfilling one of the primary goals of this project - to substantially lengthen the amount of time between necessary dredgings.

New white oak, southern red oak, and black gum trees will also be planted as part of this project to provide shade and beauty to the park in the years to come. 

Construction Documents

To view the full set of construction documents detailing the pond dredging, grading, and landscaping,
click on the View Our Project Plans button below. 
Contractors interested in submitting a bid, please visit the Request for Proposal (RFP) link below and review the Army Corps of Engineers Verification and Notification letters in the links below.


More Information

Visit the Springvale Park website to find out more and view the full Springvale Park Master Plan.

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