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  • Is Friends of Inman Park (FOIP) a part of the Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA)?
    No, FOIP is a separate organization created to partner with the Inman Park Neighborhood Association to allow neighbors an opportunity to make tax deductible contributions to neighborhood projects. FOIP is a 501(c)3 organization. IPNA is a 501(c)4 organization. Each organization has its own board of directors. (Please always consult with your tax advisor regarding tax-deductible contributions for your specific situation.)
  • What projects does FOIP fund?
    FOIP serves as the fiscal partner for Inman Park Festival’s Theater Night, accepting donations and dispersing funds. FOIP also serves as the fiscal partner of the Springvale Park Committee. FOIP largest project is currently the implementation of the Springvale Park Visioning Plan. Since 2011, FOIP has partnered with the Springvale Park Committee on fundraisers including Santa in the Park, the Beltline Wine Stroll, and the Inman Park Wine Stroll with Music and Art. FOIP is the neighborhood 501(c)3 through which we partner with Park Pride to receive matching grants.
  • I’m interested in funding a project for the neighborhood. Can I use FOIP to receive donations and disperse funds?
    All fundraising campaigns need prior approval from FOIP before any donations are solicited. Funding campaigns must be for projects endorsed by the Inman Park Neighborhood Association.
  • I’d like to serve on the FOIP board. When are elections held and how long are the terms?
    Terms are 2 years. We have 5 board members so, for the sake of continuity, elections are staggered so that 2 positions become available in even numbered years and 3 positions open up in odd numbered years. Elections are held at our annual meeting in December. Please contact us for more information.
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